Whether you need High Flow filters, Jumbo Filters, Bag filters, Band Clamp Housings, Swing Bolts housings or SCICLONE™ Tangential Entry Cyclonic Flow Housings, HydroScientific™ has a great variety of products for you.

Our broad spectrum of products and our wide range of housing that can handle up to 2400 gpm will surely make HydroScientific™ your products of choice for all your Commercial and Industrial applications.

HydroScientific™ has developed a broad range of products that help customers improve process fluid purity, protect their process, increase productivity and greatly reduce their manufacturing costs. As a global premier supplier, HydroScientific’s goal is to provide every customer with efficiency and an impressive cost to benefit ratio.

We understand the challenges our customers face. Whether its beer or wine, bottled water, soft drinks, juice or dairy, HydroScientific™ has a comprehensive line of products which can be used in critical steps in your production applications. We understand the importance of water processing, clarification and particulate control while increasing reliablity.

With a growing global demand for special and innovative resins, paints and coatings, HydroScientific™ recognizes the importance of delivering a quality product that can be used for a broad range of applications. From specialty coatings and resins to automotive top coats and inks HydroScientific™ strives to address your product needs and exceed your expectations.